We're creating a place for entrepreneurs to grow in their faith + business.

Grow In Business & Faith With Women Who Get It

About The Society

Have You Ever...

Felt lost in the traditions and rituals of church and don't know where you fit or where to start in growing your own personal relationship with God

Everyone says "Faith and business are to be separate", but you know God didn't give you that vision or business idea for you to implement it without his guidance.


Having a thriving relationship with God AND a thriving business is absolutely possible if you connect with the women in this group and learn the strategies that I and my team of experts will teach you. Because we've all been EXACTLY where you are.

Introducing The Society

The Society w. Tatum + Keviah is an elite membership community for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their faith and their business alongside a community of women who understand their journey. Our signature FAITH framework: Fasting, Acts of Obedience, Introspection, Trusting God, and His Word is the foundation and backbone of The Society.

  • Daily devotionals sent straight to your inbox to enhance your study time 
  • Live Weekly Prayer Calls 
  • Book Club
  • Bi-Weekly Live Bible Study Sessions w/ Dr. Sharla
  • Monthly Spiritual + Personal Development session with Keviah
  • Monthly Business based Masterclass with Tatum
  • Annual Group Fast
Our Signature FAITH Framework

Everything we do is rooted in our foundational framework of FAITH. We are committed to Biblical truth over cultural and even church commentary.

  • Fasting
  • Acts of Obedience
  • Introspection
  • Trusting God
  • His Word

What Can You Expect As A Member Of The Society?

Members of The Society Can Expect To Gain 
  • Clarity on your purpose and God's plans for you

  • Tools, Strategies, and Resources to build and and sustain a successful business

  • To know how to hear from God

  • Accountability from Tatum, Keviah, Dr. Sharla, and other group members

  • Peace of mind

  • Meaningful Relationships

What Do Our Members Have To Say? 



Meet Our Hosts

Women Who Walk in Faith and Expertise

Our dynamic hosts are incredible women of God who bring a unique blend of faith and real-world expertise to the table. Each are deeply committed to serving God and His people, and also embrace the joy and freedom that comes with living in Christ.

Join Us For Our Annual Fast: November 6th-November 20th

A 14-Day Journey of Prayer, Action, and Reflection

Sis, the end of the year is approaching, and what better way to prepare than by diving deep into a transformative spiritual experience? Our annual fast is not just a ritual; it's a divine appointment designed to bring you closer to God and equip you for the journey ahead.

Here’s what you can expect from our fast:
  • Daily Prayer Calls (Mon-Fri): Start your mornings with a spiritual boost, led by our dynamic hosts.
  • Food Fast Daily: A traditional fast to help you focus and hear from God more clearly.
  • Exclusive Recordings for Paid Members: Get access to special content that will enrich your spiritual life.
  • Daily Devotionals & Actions: Practical steps to integrate your faith into your daily life.
Why Join? 

Every challenge we've hosted has been a powerful encounter with God. He meets us every time, and we're confident He'll meet you too. This is your chance to focus on your prayer life, gain Biblical wisdom, and leave empowered and refilled just before the New Year.

Hosted by Women Who Walk in Faith and Expertise 

Our dynamic hosts are incredible women of God who bring a unique blend of faith and real-world expertise to the table. We're deeply committed to serving God and His people, but we also embrace the joy and freedom that comes with living in Christ.

Ready to Transform Your Spiritual Life?

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Challenge & Fast FAQs

How do I register?

Answer: Simply sign up for the plan below that includes the upcoming challenge or fast. Your join request will be approved on the day the fast or challenge starts, and your free trial will begin. Keep an eye on your email for notifications about your access.

Why do I have to put in credit card information if the challenge is free?

Answer: Your credit card isn't charged unless you decide to continue after the fast. To maintain the integrity of our paid community, we require this information upfront. Upon joining the Society, you'll find information in our featured posts on how to cancel future payments while still enjoying your free trial.

If I miss a session, will there be replays?

Answer: Replays are a benefit exclusive to our paid community members. If you decide to continue with the community after the fast, you'll have access to session replays.

Can I come back for the next challenge?

Answer: Absolutely! Whether you're here for just a challenge or as a long-term member, our goal is to edify everyone God brings into our community. While we'd love for you to stay, we understand if you can't and warmly invite you to participate in any of our upcoming challenges and fasts.